SkinMed© believe in more than just hydration, more than just moisturising the surface of the skin.

Skin water levels are controlled by lipids and by hyaluronic acid and they both interact with each other. We call it Hydrodynamics.

Ceramides are lipids that account for around 50% of skin cell wall and intercellular lipids. You need all nine ceramides and from a biologically active source, such as bacteria or plants as in our products. Synthetically developed ceramides from a laboratory are ineffective compared.  

Lipids make up cell walls, they occupy spaces in between cells. Ceramides also are signalling molecules telling cells when to proliferate, when to change, when to die.

Hyaluronic acid combines with water particularly in the dermis where it holds a huge amount of water forming a reservoir for living skin cells to call upon constantly. 

Water moves up from the dermis, into the epidermis and eventually evaporates out of the skin. Skin that is deficient in hyaluronic acid and lipids often lose water too fast. This can be seen in eczema and psoriasis and other skin dermatoses, Hydratime© and Nutritime© can ameliorate visible symptoms of these conditions, rapidly and effectively. This is not a cure just a palliative whereby symptoms are controlled by altering the skins’ ability to control water loss. Sufferers skin looks and feels better and itching and cracking are reduced by this ‘structural support’. It can mean a reduction in steroid cream usage levels, which for mums and others can be welcome.

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SkinMed was created to assist in the research development, sale & distribution of dermatological products which are beneficial to skin health.


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