Rosacure is Medical Device Class II licenced treatment for treating Vascular Sub-type 1 Rosacea described as Vascular Rosacea.

Rosacure® is a revolutionary rosacea treatment, containing three key ingredients. Two of the ingredients inhibit key inflammatory pathways which the skin has become hyper reactive to. MSM (Methyl Sulphonyl Methane) is an anti-inflammatory which reduces skins production of the inflammatory chemicals that trigger rosacea symptoms. Hyper-activity to these inflammatory chemicals triggers excessive skin capillary production. This is a key visible symptom in vascular rosacea with excessive visible capillaries.

Rosacure® also contains Polyglutamic acid which reduces skin sensitivity and also improves the lipids, making the skin more resistant to flushes and reddening. The remarkable and patented third ingredient; 4-T-BUTYLCYCLOHEXANOL is a unique ingredient able to short circuit reddening triggered by internal triggers such as hormonal flushes, foods, wines and body temperature. Combine Rosacure® with Hydratime® and Nutritime® which boost the effect of key ingredients and create a calmer skin environment for greater tolerance against internal and external triggers. For a fast acting redness suppressor, use Sensicure® as a rescue product.

For more on the science, click here. To see the diagrams which explain this.

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