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Skinmed understand that scars are more than skin deep. They are a visual reminder of an event and can scar the mind and the soul.

Terproline® research began in burns units for treating burn scars. It proved very successful in revising and remodelling skin following burns that were raised and tight, into much more elastic, normal, dynamic skin.

It was then tested post laser resurfacing in laser face-lifts with high success. This was followed by research into improving the treatment of stretch marks with great success.
Now the current version incorporates bacterially derived epidermal growth factors which boost its activity even more. The bacterial derived growth factors are virtually identical to human skin growth factors.

It is widely used for healing damaged skin post medical and aesthetic treatments where the skin has been challenged such as with light sources, chemical peels, radiofrequency, and other energy treatment but also micro needling. In all cases, the healing time was accelerated and damaged skin, old skin bound by collagen fibres were replaced by a new, more open collagen elastin matrix with abundant hyaluronic acid.

Terproline® speeds up skin turnover so new skin replaces old skin and the skin produced has a more elastic youthful structure. So this is why it is also used as an anti-ageing or age reducing formula with great success.

What is the real innovation of Terproline® products?
Terproline® utilises proline which is a key building block for making collagen fibres. It also utilises fibronectinic glycopeptides which are key ingredients for making elastin. By also utilising fibroblast stimulators to activate the cells that make these fibres, combined with epidermal growth factors to increase the number of fibroblast cells, one can see how a more fibre rich skin can be created, so gaps caused by ageing, free radical damage and sun damage can be replenished and old, damaged, stuck together bound fibres can be broken down and removed and replaced by new fibres.
Using Terproline® makes your skin firmer, more elastic and able to recover from damage and fight ageing more effectively.

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SkinMed was created to assist in the research development, sale & distribution of dermatological products which are beneficial to skin health.



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